Multiple employees of the Leidel team working on a mindmap drawn on a whiteboard

Tax returns and consultancy

Those, in specific fields of income, who feel the full force of tax law without benefits, cannot survive.
Franz Klein (1929-2004, President of the Federal Fiscal Court 1983-1994)

Analysis and planning

Tax law has plenty of pitfalls in store for both new entrepreneurs and experienced business owners. Given the complexity of tax legislation, it is simply not possible for business owners or private individuals to be familiar with all possible “benefits”.

The remarkable quote above from the former Federal Fiscal Court President Klein shows that behind every good entrepreneur there is a good tax adviser.

In the family

  • Tax planning for reducing tax burden
  • Tax-saving agreements with family members
  • Real estate purchase and rental models
  • Disinherit the tax office!
    Proposals for minimising inheritance tax and gift tax burdens

In business

  • Investment advice and financing optimisations
  • Comparing tax burdens/the selection of different legal forms from a tax point of view
  • Subsidy-related advice (Federal Government, EU)
  • Tax advice for the structuring of partnership agreements
  • Earnings preview and projections for determining likely tax burden
  • Analysis of short-term income statements and annual financial statements
  • Succession planning
    Ahead of time and across generations. Tax and civil law perfectly coordinated.