Multiple employees of the Leidel team working on a mindmap drawn on a whiteboard

Financial accounting

Internal and external

Thanks to our use of the latest technology and an effective assignment of tasks, together we can establish the optimal mutual cooperation for your financial accounting.

We organise your commercial record-keeping system and structure your processes in a way which means that all entries only have to be made once. We support you in making the transition to a paper-reduced office and help you in digitalising your documents and establishing an archive of your documents which allows you to quickly find a specific document years later with only a few search criteria. It goes without saying that the utmost care and attention is also taken to ensure that data protection and privacy is maximised.

There are three options for distributing the workload, each with different levels of digitalisation:

Do you have the time, capacities and know-how to make financial accounting entries yourself?

We are happy to advise you in selecting the right accounting software for you.

Financial accounting forms the basis for controlling at your company. We are happy to support you in setting up and expanding a cost accounting system for helping you to manage your company.

With regular controlling reports and inter-company comparisons, we can help you to put your business through its paces.