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Annual financial statements

On time and perfectly tailored

At the start of the year, you name your desired date and you will receive your annual financial statements/determination of income reliably and on time.

Are you a tradesman, retailer, hotel manager, doctor, architect or industrial business?

If so, you receive annual financial statements perfectly tailored to your personal situation in line with the applicable commercial law as well as the tax balance sheet/determination of taxable income after exhausting all the tax benefits which may be possible for you.

You are able to present your full annual financial statements to your bank ahead of time.

When submitting your statements to banks and credit agencies, we inform you in advance as to how your company rates in an industry comparison/internal comparison or which rating can be anticipated.

Overview of our services:

  • Annual financial statements for tax purposes and determination of income including digital balance sheet for the fiscal authorities (E-Bilanz)
  • Annual financial statements under commercial law with notes for disclosure
  • Notes to the financial statements, management report
  • Electronic publication and/or notification in the Federal Gazette (minimum obligatory disclosures)
  • Cash flow statement
  • Comprehensive and in-depth explanatory report
  • PowerPoint presentation on request
  • Company analysis with key figures compared over several years (six-year overview)
  • External company analysis using an industry comparison
  • Producing interim reports for interim planning
  • Opening balance sheet, liquidation balance sheet, dissolution balance sheet, separate and supplementary balance sheets