Dr. Leidel and cooperation partners while talking through a contract

Legal services

Comprehensive and specialised

Ourapproach to legal advice is similar to that of our tax services – finding the best possible solution to your problem. That is why we cooperate with specialist law firms in Regen, Passau and Munich.

Together with the respective specialist, we analyse your mandate and produce proposed solutions.

Our tax adviser Daniel Schweikl as a specialist in company succession (Fachberater für Unternehmensnachfolge – DStV e.V.) together with attorney Dr. Peter Leidel is specialised in organising the legally sound and optimal transition of your assets to the next generation from a tax point of view.

Has your succession within the company been prepared comprehensively and in good time?

We support you in:

  • Developing succession concepts and examining the impacts on tax
  • Setting up entrepreneurial wills
  • Examining marital agreements and legal share risks
  • Producing strategies for reducing inheritance or gift tax burdens
  • Valuing assets and companies
  • Examining the financial security of outgoing business owners
  • Advising in company succession planning
  • Formulating partnership and participation agreements
  • Coordinating inheritance regulations with commercial law

Your advantages:

  • You receive tailored succession planning in line with your wishes by developing various target structures
  • Optimal usage of tax allowances for reducing tax burden
  • Securing your assets and lifetime’s work across generations
  • The best possible way of maintaining peace within the family

Do you know who is entitled to your inheritance and what their claims are?

We show you ways in which succession can be organised in a legally sound way which is optimally designed for tax purposes.

  • Legal succession and claims to compulsory portions
  • Disinheritance, waiving claims
  • The “right” will, bequests

Do you want to ensure that your last will is actually fulfilled? We show you the options available.

Tax adviser Daniel Schweikl is a certified executor (zertifizierter Testamentsvollstrecker – AGT). Together with attorney Dr. Peter Leidel, he ensures that your will is implemented in just the way you intended it after your death – without any disputes and in a harmonious atmosphere.