The Leidel and Partner motto: think different, act smart. It consists of the components dialoguse, analysis, process and solution.

“Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.”

- The Bible: Proverbs 15, Verse 22

Georg Pongratz

"We have been guided through the "tax jungle" for more than eight decades by Leidel & Partner and its team of well-trained, friendly staff."

Georg Pongratz


History & philosophy

Leidel & Partner has grown constantly from being a one-man firm to a successful professional partnership which now boasts seven tax advisers and 30 employees.


1932 - 1986

The foundations were laid by Christoph Leidel, the father of Dr. Peter Leidel, when he set up his self-employed advisory office in Regen, Bavaria on 1 September 1932 as an “accounter, fiduciary, tax and business adviser”.
In the years that followed, he took the tax representative examination (Steuerbevollmächtigtenprüfung) together with Berta Leidel, Dr. Leidel’s mother.
After the death of Christoph Leidel in 1974, Berta Leidel ran the firm by herself and qualified as a certified tax adviser.
In 1980, Berta Leidel died suddenly and Peter Leidel led the firm as an attorney, initially with support from fiduciaries Karl Zuber (Stbvm) and Agnes Fleischer (StBin), and then from 1986 as a certified tax adviser himself.

Today, the firm still supports client families which first joined the business on start up in 1932.


2000 - 2015

In 2000, the tax adviser Christoph Puchinger became the first partner at Leidel & Puchinger. In 2005, the professional partnership Leidel Puchinger und Partner was founded together with the tax advisers Günther Kaufmann and Rolf Stettmer.

Since Christoph Puchinger chose to withdraw out of the partnership back into an employee role in 2015, the firm has been operating under the name Leidel & Partner.

Thanks to permanent training measures and additional qualifications, the firm ensures that it is always in a position to deliver on the highest demands in terms of quality in all tax and business-related areas.
In 2002, Peter Leidel was sworn in by the Chamber of Public Accountants as a chartered accountant and became a Master of International Taxation (M.I.Tax) with distinction after completing his Master’s degree at the University of Hamburg in 2006. In 2010, he completed his extra-occupational dissertation on company succession planning in VAT legislation at the University of Linz with the mark “very good”.

With a university teaching positon for corporate taxation and tax policy at Deggendorf Institute of Technology (THD), Dr. Leidel has been in constant contact with the latest academic discussions and tax-related developments since 1996.
Rolf Stettmer also teaches practice-based applications for tax law at THD. Rolf Stettmer qualified as a certified financial planner in 2002, as a certified rating adviser in 2005 and as a specialist adviser for health professions in 2009. In 2015, he was able to complete his law degree at the University of Münster with LL.M honours.



With particular industry focus on doctors and other health professions, the firm supports and accompanies doctor’s and dentist’s practices nationwide, as well as labs, medical care centres and hospitals in both business and tax matters.

Business consulting is also among the core competencies of Leidel & Partner. Integrated planning calculations and feasibility studies for realising investment plans or founding businesses are produced in close coordination with the financing banks, funding institutions, investment companies and providers of subsidies.

The firm also has particularly in-depth know-how of restructuring measures, sales and acquisitions of companies as well as company succession planning inside and outside of a family.

The firm cooperates with the lawyers Probst & Kollegen in Regen, SIWE Rechtsanwälten Sinzger & Partner in Passau and the specialist lawyer for medical law RA Brodski in Munich on all legal issues. Tax advisers and lawyers work together on the solution and in doing so ensure consultation from one single source.