Multiple employees of the Leidel team working on a mindmap drawn on a whiteboard
Prof. Dr. Leese

"After moving to the Bavarian Forest, I was able to experience your expertise, speed, accuracy and pleasant manner as a partner at one of the companies you support. This was decisive for me to place my private and company tax mandates in your hands. This and the employee directly responsible for me have confirmed my decision to the fullest; I look forward to continuing our work together."

Prof. Dr. W. Leese, Aufsichtsrat


Creative and built for success

Ignorance to the tax laws does not release one from the obligation to pay taxes. However, knowledge of the tax laws often does.
Meyer A. Rothschild, Banker (1744–1812)

If you opt for our tax services, we advise and support you in a forward-looking and well-considered way. We are happy to take on all the work connected with fulfilling your tax obligations and asserting your rights.

After all, we are commissioned by you and not the fiscal authorities! Experience has shown that a resolute approach to dealing with the fiscal authorities and knowledge of the latest case law allows a great deal to be achieved.