Multiple employees of the Leidel team working on a mindmap drawn on a whiteboard

Salary and wages

Precise and on time

Payrollaccounting – professional, reliable and “with a difference” on request.

Minimum wages, immediate notification obligations, duties for maintaining records and shadow wages – the requirements for proper payroll accounting are growing all the time. Thanks to our wide-ranging specialist expertise and our permanent training to advance our knowledge of wage tax and social insurance law, we can take care of your payroll affairs so you can devote your time to other things, helping you to run your business efficiently and successfully.

From standardised wage accounting through to our full-service package, in which we send out your pay slips, make them available to your employees online or even make the salary payments from your account on your behalf, we always have a suitable solution, no matter whether you only need a helping hand or need an expert to produce hundreds of pay slips every month.

One of the specialist fields of our firm is implementing wage replacement benefits (Lohnersatzleistungen). There is a whole host of often little known options for providing your employees with compensation components in addition to their ongoing working wage without your business being burdened with any wage incidentals of note. Recuperation allowance (Erholungsbeihilfe) and missing cash compensation (Kassenfehlgeldentschädigung) are just two of the many options available.