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"Leidel & Partner have been supporting us since 2010 and they have always been an absolute pleasure to work with. Dr. Leidel and his team are an essential partner for us. They advise and support us in an expert and reliable way specifically tailored to our needs."

Hans-Jürgen Honner und Stephan Stadler


Retail and trades

Market conditions in retailing and the trades change with incredible speed.
Changing consumption habits and new technologies have brought about significant adjustments in production in an incredibly short space of time as well as in logistics, the infrastructure of a company as well as the service behaviour of employees.
Accounting requirements have also increased considerably. The VAT treatment of the installation site of tradesmen, the appropriate VAT rate or the place of performance in online retailing all require in-depth taxation knowledge. The low margins in many segments of retailing require very rapid evaluations from the financial accounting in order to react ahead of time to management errors.

We are specialised in supporting you as best possible in tackling these challenges. Our services range from accompanying the foundation of the trade company as a one-person firm through to company succession within a group containing several hundred employees.

We even speak technical Chinese…

...but we specifically avoid using it in discussions! In other words, you will receive our assessment in a way which you truly understand and which can help you in managing your company.

We prepare you for discussions with the bank in the best way possible and support you on your way to receiving a good rating.

Nasty surprises…

...will not be waiting around the corner if we handle your tax issues. On request, we can calculate the likely tax payments of the current year and in doing so prepare you ahead of time for any additional tax payments or refunds.