Dr. Leidel explaining a hotel manager about their total revenue
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Hotels and gastronomy

Put your feet up! – We will take care of you

All year round, you pamper your guests in every which way with incredible commitment. This task alone demands the utmost personal and financial commitment from you.
Inaddition, you have incredibly comprehensive documentation and record-keeping obligations to fulfill.
We are able to effectively support you in several of these tasks, giving you more time to look after your guests.

We organise your commercial record-keeping system and structure your processes in a way which means that all entries only have to be made once. We support you in making the transition to a paper-reduced office and help you in digitalising your documents and establishing an archive which allows you to quickly find a specific document years later with only a few search criteria. It goes without saying that the utmost care and attention is also taken to ensure that data protection and privacy is maximised.

You receive your analyses from us in an industry-specific way tailored precisely to the needs of the hotel and gastronomy industries. In addition to the usual key figures, you will find out your GOP, your capacity utilisation, the proceeds per occupied room, the average stay duration of your guests, the ARR and RevPAR. And all that comes in one single analysis.
We are also happy to analyse your contribution margins in the hotel, gastronomy, conference, wellness or medical spa fields.

There are more than 100 **** wellness hotels in Bavaria. A significant number of these are located in the Bavarian Forest. We know and support many of these establishments.

One focus of our industry activities is in carrying out feasibility studies with which we examine the feasibility of investments in the hotel or gastronomy segments as part of an integrated forecast.

Nobody is obligated to manage his wealth or administer his sources of income in such a way that the state receives high taxes on them.
(Prussian Higher Administrative Court 1906)