Frau Brunner-Zintl consulting a doctor about his tax
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"The success of a company is dependent on a lot of different factors. The idea, the team, the location and time. However, the most important factor is the partner. Although Munich is littered with many highly-rated tax advisory firms, in 2007 we consciously opted for the team at Leidel und Partner, and Mr Stettmer in particular. We’ve never had to call into question our cooperation, quite the opposite in fact – their contributions are positive every time."

Dr. Dr. Linsenmann und
Prof. Dr. Dr. Nolte



Kundenstimme: Zahnwerk GbR

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Doctors and other health-related professions

The choice is yours.

There are around 85,000 tax advisers in Germany...
...and that is good news for you. Very good in fact, because you have a wide choice available and can therefore make demands.

High demands…

Do you think that your tax adviser should specialise in your industry and be able to draw on proven and sound specialist knowledge in the medical professions?
Should your adviser have an excellent network of specialist lawyers, specialist accountants, industry-related banks and financial service providers in order to be in a position to examine all legal and business aspects of your company?
Do you appreciate a law firm and tax office that still has a compact size despite its range of services, not to mention an unmistakably personal style?

If so, then we would be happy to welcome you to Leidel und Partner.

We are no strangers to aspects of your work like standard service volumes (Regelleistungsvolumen), flat-rate payments and general practitioner contracts, and we are highly familiar with the national health insurance billing system and required demand planning.
Last but not least, the specialisation of our health professions advisory team allows us to provide you with top-notch advice and take on any administrative tasks you may need assistance with.
This allows you to focus on your core competency – healing people.
This is ensured by the long-standing experience and the high level of education within our team, which in addition to a specialist adviser for health professions also includes several certified specialists for doctors and dentistry mandates.

We organise your commercial record-keeping system and structure your processes in a way which means that all entries only have to be made once. We support you in making the transition to a paper-reduced practice and help you in digitalising your documents and establishing an archive which allows you to quickly find a specific document years later with only a few search criteria. It goes without saying that the utmost care and attention is also taken to ensure that data protection and privacy is maximised.

Many of our clients are based across the nation. Our quarterly discussions generally take place at our clients’ own offices. However some of our clients also appreciate combining these meetings with a visit to our office in Regen and a trip to the beautiful Bavarian Forest. If this appeals to you, we can recommend numerous outstanding wellness hotels in the region.
You receive your analyses from us in an industry-specific way tailored to your field of medicine.
We analyse where the liquidity from your profits goes and clearly show you with our in-house created account navigator how you can face any tax payments or other financial obligations without any worries.