The best team around

Varied talents, strong personalities

Our success: Your satisfaction. And that is why our success is built on more than just top-notch services. In addition to their individual specialisations, our advisers and employees also have a wide variety of talents and strong personalities. We are also committed to constantly furthering our training, so that we can advise you in every situation.

Our slogan “Think different. Act smart.” is not made up of empty words but a promise. When it comes to providing you with the best possible solution for your problem, we are flexible and creative – and implement this solution reliably and expertly.

Our cooperation is designed with the long term in mind. This also applies for our employees, of whom seven have been part of the team for more than 25 years and two for more than 40 years. This not only strengthens our team spirit but also ensures that you always have a fixed contact partner, whose personality and specialisation perfectly matches your needs – ideally for the next 40 years.

Rudolf Stettmer
Dr. Peter Leidel
In freelance work